Deductive Querying of Natural Logic Bases

Troels Andreasen, Henrik Bulskov, Per Anker Jensen, Jørgen Fischer Nilsson

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperResearchpeer-review


We introduce a dedicated form of natural logic intended for
representation of sentences in a knowledge base. Natural logic is a ver-
sion of formal logic whose sentences cover a stylized fragment of natural
language. Thus, the sentences in the knowledge base can be read and
understood directly by a domain expert, unlike, say, predicate logic and
description logic. The paper describes the inference rules enabling de-
ductive querying of the knowledge base. The natural logic sentences and
the inference rules are represented in Datalog providing a convenient
graph form. As such, the natural logic knowledge base may be viewed as
an enriched formal ontology structure. We describe various query facili-
ties including pathway nding accommodated by this setup.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2019
Publication statusPublished - 2019
Event13th International Conference on Flexible
Query Answering Systems: Flexible querying and analytics for smart cities and smart societies in the age of big data
- Hotel Village La Principessa, Amantea, Italy
Duration: 2 Jul 20195 Jul 2019
Conference number: 13


Conference13th International Conference on Flexible
Query Answering Systems
LocationHotel Village La Principessa
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Andreasen, T., Bulskov, H., Anker Jensen, P., & Nilsson, J. F. (2019). Deductive Querying of Natural Logic Bases. Paper presented at 13th International Conference on Flexible
Query Answering Systems, Amantea, Italy.