Applying Danish wind power technology to new fields

Translated title of the contribution: デンマーク 風力発電技術を新分野に応用: 特集 「三つの20%」に取り組む 欧州環境ビジネス新時代へ

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Toward a new era of European environmental business working on the special feature "Three 20%"
Translated title of the contributionデンマーク 風力発電技術を新分野に応用: 特集 「三つの20%」に取り組む 欧州環境ビジネス新時代へ
Original languageJapanese
Article number9000015337413
JournalJETRO sensor
Issue number771
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2010


  • Wind Power Industry
  • Environment

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