Enquête anthropologique et documentation visuelle sur la sécurité chez les Koglweogo au Burkina Faso

Heidi Bojsen, Ismaël Compaoré

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review


The analysis presented is based on fieldwork among self-defense groups, Koglweogo, in Burkina Faso in 2016 and 2017 and sets out to discuss the implications of the methodological choices used in a high insecurity context. In addition to a positioning as documentary journalists producing a documentary film, these choices include tools from visual anthropology, interdisciplinary teamwork with ethnic and national diversity, ethical choices, such as the one to immerse oneself with the insecure conditions of the interlocutors in brief, intensive and repeated visits in order to facilitate trust and « thick descriptions ». The article reveals striking new information about the violence causing the installation of the Koglweogo and on their use of social media. But retreating from the field is no longer a given.
Translated title of the contributionAnthropological and Visual Documentary Research on Security among the Koglweogo in Burkina Faso
Original languageFrench
JournalMande Studies
Pages (from-to)91-113
Number of pages22
Publication statusPublished - 15 Dec 2019
EventInsurrections from below? Koglweogo in Burkina Faso: Showeing of Documentary Koglweogo Land (Semfilms 2016) - Antropologi, København, Denmark
Duration: 24 Sep 2018 → …


SeminarInsurrections from below? Koglweogo in Burkina Faso
Period24/09/2018 → …
  • MSCY: Media, Security Crises and Youth in West Africa

    Bojsen, H., Ngomba, T. J., Compaoré, I., Wildermuth, N., Hahonou, E. K., Nielsen, P. E., Samuelsen, H., Larsen, J. M., Hagberg, S., Yaméogo, L., De Jorio, R., Soré, Z., Cissao, Y., Kibora, L., Konsimbo, E., Kaboré, A., Bagaré, M., Fofana, H., Konkobo, B., Ouedraogo, B., Lamine, S., Ely Dicko, B., Karambé, Y., Koné, B., Daouda Diallo, B., Lamine, S., Gustafsson, J., Hansen, E. & Frère, M.


    Project: Research

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