Aftagerundersøgelse: et nyt planlægningsfag på RUC?

Martin Frandsen, Anne Jensen

    Research output: Working paperCommissioned


    The changing roles of planners and the new types of generic skills demanded in the planning 

    profession have been widely debated in recent years in Denmark. The field of planning has 

    become understood as an increasingly complex field where political, social, cultural, 

    economical and technological processes are interwoven. This research paper presents the 

    results of a small survey among professionals working across different sectors and levels of the 

    urban and regional planning field conducted as part of the development of a new social 

    science and design science based planning education at Roskilde University. The primary 

    focus of survey was to identify new skills required as a response to the changing perception of 

    the reality of planning as experienced by the professionals planning practitioners. Among the 

    main generic skills identified in the survey are ability to shape common visions and to 

    mobilize creative forces in a complex and plural reality, ability to design and manage 

    processes that involve different stakeholders and conflicting values and interest, ability to 

    work transdisciplinary and with an holistic approach, to understand and be able to maneuver 

    in a political and strategic field and to be able to reflect critically and theoretically as a 

    precondition for innovation.  

    Original languageDanish
    Place of PublicationRoskilde
    PublisherRoskilde Universitet
    Number of pages14
    ISBN (Print)978-87-7349-732-6
    Publication statusPublished - 2008

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