Patients' experiences from the diagnostic period of the cancer trajectory for head and neck cancer

  • Larsen, Birgitta Nordenhof (Project participant)

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    The aim of the study is to understand head and neck cancer patients' experiences of becoming and being patient in an accelerated cancer trajectory, how they navigate in the specific social context of the fast track concept, and and how they identify with current discourses/perceptions of how one should do and behave as a patient waiting for a cancer diagnosis.
    The participants' narratives about being a patient, their desire, or rather lack of desire to be a patient is rooted in their lives and their hopes for the future. Their identity as a patient is woven into their life story, their lifelong identity work and social relationships
    The psycho-social approach opens to a double view. One view follows each participant's personal story of their specific experiences from the program and episodes from their life history including information about relationships, social positions and identity. The other follows the standardized program and the expectations of patients to adapt themselves to the program. But this adaptation is an individual challenge for each patient and the way, they are dealing with this challenge is rooted in their life history.
    Effective start/end date31/12/201231/12/2015