The way out of marginalisation

  • Husted, Mia (Project participant)
  • Tofteng, Ditte Maria Børglum (Project participant)
  • Nielsen, Kurt Aagaard (Project participant)
  • Gleerup, Janne (Project participant)

    Project: Research

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    The way out of marginalization is an action research project occupied with dynamics between labour market development and marginalisation and it is characterized by cooperation with socially marginalised people round long term and systematically production of knowledge and practical solution to overcome the degradation of people living marginalized lives. Within the project there is a line of activities: A stageplay with the title: Marginal notes, a festival with participation from a broad representation of labour market actors, actors working within occupational health and safety, unemployed- and employed people and other with and interest of discussing this field.
    Effective start/end date01/04/200531/07/2009


    • Puljen til udvikling af den sociale indsats på det rummelige arbejdsmarked.