'Safe Traffic - Children's Policies?'  An investigation of school-related transport, policies and practices about childrens mobilities in public spaces.

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 The researchproject 'Safe Traffic - Children's Policies?' explores children's transportrelated experiences in public space. How do children move around? Do they feel safe and confident and how does different places, peolpe, the 'stranger-danger' and the use of mobilphones influence children's competences in moving about? How does adults and the local schools perceive childrens mobilities - are there any policies aiming for changing existing practices? The research is based on a large comparative survey including children and parents at five Danish schools and an international comparision with similar surveys in other countries. Two main types of results are provided: First, data on the character of school-related transportbehavoir; Second, knowledge on the role of children in public space, their relatinos to adults, the character of child-related surveillance and the use of mobilephone as potential dimensions in strategies towards creating safe public spaces.
Effective start/end date11/08/201029/02/2012


  • TRYG fonden: €600.00


  • policies, transport, local schools