The Populist Challenge for Europe: Can Liberal Democracies Defend Themselves?

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Are populists good for democracy? Or, do they undermine it? How should we react? Should we even react at all? Many European democracies now face these questions. The project aims to address the question of how European democracies respond to populists in practice and what works. Responses to populist parties include policies and acts of public authorities, political party strategies and civil society mobilisation. They can be deployed locally, at state level and at the international and EU level. It includes ostracism, judicial review, and direct action by national and transnational NGOs. The project will produce a book with theoretical reflections on how to identify effective responses to populist parties and illustrative examples to guide research and public policy.
Short titleCarlsberg Foundation Monograph Fellowship
Effective start/end date01/09/202031/08/2021