Sustainability Literacy Test (SULITE) in Nordic HEIs

  • Grindsted, Thomas Skou (Project participant)
  • Finnveden, Göran (Project participant)
  • Sjåfjell, Beate (Project participant)
  • E. Hermansen, John (Project participant)
  • Römpötti, Essi (Project participant)
  • Blaxekjær, Lau (Project participant)
  • Carteron, Jean-Christophe (Project participant)
  • Karvinen, Meeri (Project manager)
  • Löyttyniem, Meri (Project manager)

Project: Research

Project Details


The project will launch a global initiative called Sustainability Literacy Test ( in the Nordic region. The purpose of the test is to achieve knowledge on the true sustainability competencies of students, including global and local knowledge on economical, ecological and social sustainability. In addition, the test questions include valuable references and information, which increases sustainability awareness of students taking the test. The test also gives an opportunity to compare the knowledge of Nordic students with their peers in the same institution, in the Nordic region, and worldwide. The comparisons are possible both for the students, and the institutions. The test includes 50 questions in total.
Mapping the competencies of students creates better bases for developing curricula that support societies´ transformation and green growth, in line with the targets of UN DESD 2005-2014, HEIs´ Rio+20 initiative and UN´s Post 2015 agenda. Additionally, when combining the results of the “Implementation of Rio+20 in the Nordic HEIs” -project, and the information offered by the sustainability literacy test, the bases are excellent for developing teaching and curricula in the Nordic HEIs.
Effective start/end date01/10/201531/12/2016