Enhanced child involvement in the family law system - Consistency between children's everyday life and practice in the Agency of Family Law

  • Warming, Hanne (Project manager)
  • Alminde, Sarah (Project participant)
  • Christensen, Michael, University College Absalon (Project participant)
  • Shapiro, Ditte (Project participant)
  • Gildberg, Lone Tams (Project participant)
  • Vahl, Anna-Sophie Trolle (Project participant)
  • Grauballe, Anne Dorte (Project participant)
  • Leiton Jørgensen, Malene (Project participant)
  • Harkes, Louise (Project participant)

Project: Research

Project Details


The project is a collaboration with the Agency of Family Law (Familieretshuset) and University College Absalon. The objective of the project is to strengthen and qualify the family law work in general, and specifically the AFL's (Familieretshusets) support and involvement of children by producing new basic scientific knowledge about the dynamics that create children's welfare/distress, as well as research-based development and implementation of this knowledge and new methods.
Short titleStyrket børneinddragelse
Effective start/end date01/04/202130/11/2024