Strengthening tacit project skills - Reflecting and explicating the experience-based knowledge

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Problem-oriented Project Work creates some of the best opportunities for experience- and practice-based learning to engage in the contemporary projectified world. Students engage in complex processes of project organisation, including generating ideas, research design, developing theoretical frameworks, analysing real-world challenges, scoping their focus, developing knowledge-based solution maps etc. The experience-based approach creates a foundation on which learning is both cognitive, social, relational and embodied. Despite this, graduates do not perceive that they have developed explicit competences and skills for organising, facilitating and managing projects.

Students within PPL primarily develop these competences and skills as tacit and embodied. It is the hypothesis of this PPL-research project, that embodied knowledge is a fundamental strength, but that the competences and skills can be further sustained and elaborated by creating an explicit learning space for systematic exploration and explicit reflection on how project organising actually takes place. The dialectical shift between explicit reflection (theoretical, conceptual and with practical tools) and embodied reflexive action (doing the project) is a key to further strengthen the skills and competences to organise projects and to cope with the challenges that are prevalent in an increasingly projectified society.

This project explores these ideas by means of four workshop-sessions in which project-groups explore their ongoing processes of organising, facilitating and managing their projects. The groups are presented with theoretical frameworks and conceptual tools within themes like the group as a social unit, strengths and limits of rational planning, learning and complex responsive processes, facilitation of meetings and forms of feedback, learning and conflict resolution. In the workshops it is intended to facilitate a dialectical learning space in which the students ongoing project work is reflected upon and further elaborated by means of the themes undertaken within the specific sessions.

An initial baseline and an ongoing follow-up study, primarily qualitative based, is applied in order to explore the ongoing learning processes.
Effective start/end date01/02/201902/03/2020