Arctic Social Indicators

  • Rasmussen, Rasmus Ole (Project participant)
  • Nymand Larsen, Joan (Project manager)
  • Schweitzer, Peter (Project manager)
  • Sirina, Anna (Project participant)
  • Poppel, Birger (Project participant)
  • Forbes, Bruce (Project participant)
  • Olsen, Carl Christian (Project participant)
  • Fondahl, Gail (Project participant)
  • Hovelsrud, Grete (Project participant)
  • Hamilton, Lawrence (Project participant)
  • Hogensen, Gunhild (Project participant)
  • Myers, Heather (Project participant)
  • Beach, Hugh (Project participant)
  • Krupnik, Igor (Project participant)
  • Kruse, Jack (Project participant)
  • Dahl, Jens (Project participant)
  • Carino, Joji (Project participant)
  • Kaplan, Lawrence D. (Project participant)
  • King, Leslie (Project participant)
  • Nuttall, Mark (Project participant)
  • Bravo, Michael (Project participant)
  • Vakhtin, Nikolai (Project participant)
  • Young, Oran (Project participant)
  • Irbacher Fox, Stephanie (Project participant)
  • Crate, Susan (Project participant)
  • Czonka, Yvon (Project participant)

    Project: Research

    Project Details


    In order to better understand the ongoing processes of social changes in the Arctic, a set of Social Indicators will be developed
    The project is based on six main research fields, and Rasmus Ole Rasmusen is principal investigator for the field Education.
    Effective start/end date01/09/200631/08/2009


    • Different sources related to Arctic Council: €500.00