Sense-making strategies and the user-driven innovations of virtual worlds: a critical analysis of virtual market dynamics and management, cultural innovation, and knowledge construction.

  • Jensen, Sisse Siggaard (Project manager)
  • Phillips, Louise Jane (Project participant)
  • Horst, Maja (Project participant)
  • Poulfelt, Flemming (Project participant)
  • Meldgaard, Helle (Project participant)
  • Andersen, Preben (Project participant)
  • Kristensen, Jannie Friis (Project participant)
  • Brodersen, Christina (Project participant)
  • Strand, Dixi Louise (Project manager)
  • Plesner, Ursula (Project participant)
  • Gürsimsek, Remzi Ates (Project participant)
  • Reinhard, CarrieLynn D. (Project participant)
  • Jensen, Dina Friis (Project participant)
  • Frølunde, Lisbeth (Project participant)

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