Schools at University for Climate and Energy (SAUCE)

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    In the SAUCE project, the participating universities will develop an interactive and interdisciplinary educational programme for elementary and secondary education (pupils aged 10-13). The project aims to raise children's awareness of the core topics of climate change and sustainable energy use, and demonstrate how they can contribute to climate protection by intelligent energy and mobility behaviour. The universities will invite up to 2,500 pupils to attend a five-day on-campus programme, offered once (or twice) a year.
    The programme includes introductory events for teachers. These will facilitate the integration of energy and climate change issues into regular teaching and disseminate best practice examples of teaching materials and information sources. Continuing contacts with teachers will be fostered, and the inclusion of non-formal energy education experts in the project will support regional, national and international networking between different educational actors. Dissemination will establish SAUCE at further European universities.
    Effective start/end date11/08/201030/09/2011


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