Retail - A Nordic reserach project on household electricity prices and markets

  • Olsen, Ole Jess (Project participant)
  • Johnsen, Tor Arnt (Project participant)

    Project: Research

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    Our main goal is to establish new understanding of the Norwegian and Nordic household retail electricity markets. We will analyse 5-6 years of data for the residential Nordic electricity markets. Based on the empirical findings, we will deduce policy implications and propose measures which may improve Nordic retail markets.
    Our research and results will be presented in three reports with the following focus:
    Description of the Nordic retail electricity markets
    Nordic benchmarking and a new empirical industrial organization analysis of the causes for different development in the four national markets
    An econometric study of the Norwegian residential electricity market data
    Effective start/end date01/03/200631/12/2008


    • RNERGI: €1,500,000.00


    • Electricity Markets
    • Household Choice