Access to Higher Education in Denmark - a study of patterns of access and processes of differentiation in Higher Education from 1980 to 2010 (Funded by the Social Science Research Council)

  • Thomsen, Jens Peter (Project participant)

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    Even though Higher Education (HE) and social class is a well established research field in the international academic community, few research projects focus on the horizontal stratification within HE; that is, on the social differentiation between different programs in HE. In the last 50 years Denmark has witnessed a massive rise in the number of HE students. The increasing percentage of a youth cohort attending HE warrants the hypothesis that the social struggle over education moves upward in the educational system, making universities and colleges new sites of processes of social differentiation. With the credential inflation that follows from educational massification, social selection into different educational pathways occurs at a later stage in the educational hierarchy. This makes it increasingly relevant to examine processes of social differentiation within HE in order to cast light on students' chances of attending different HE programs depending on their social origin, and in order to examine whether new forms of educational diversion takes place within HE. In a previous study, I have shown that the Danish field of Higher Education is much more socially diverse than previously assumed. In this Post Doctoral project I apply a longitudinal perspective on the question of access to HE and ask: What are the changes in access to HE and what are the changes in the social differentiation within HE in Denmark 1980-2010?
    Effective start/end date01/11/200931/05/2013


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