Partnership for Circular Municipalities

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The purpose of the project is to support, demonstrate and develop the unique role of municipalities in transition to a circular economy through partnerships with local waste companies and knowledge institutions.

The project is focusing on elements in the circular economy such as resource efficiency, recycling, green public procurement, utilization of construction and demolition waste and recycling of industrial waste from SMEs. The partnership aims to identify the economic as well as the environmental benefits of the circular economy.
Partnership for Circular Municipalities consists of a targeted project process which, through locally-established cases and partnerships, will serve as a basis for the municipalities to meet their potential in selected areas:

- Circular construction and demolition
- Promotion of circular value chain in the textiles industry with a combined focus on recycling/upcycling of textile waste and green public procurement of reused textiles
- Direct recycling and upcycling of waste fractions
- Circular business development focusing on resource efficiency
Effective start/end date01/08/201831/01/2021


  • Circular economy
  • municipalities
  • planning
  • waste
  • 12 Responsible consumption and production
  • 7 Affordable and clean energy