Experience Industry and Regional Development on Lolland

Project: Research


An investigation of regional development 'from below' through interview with management and staff at the Middle Age Centre, Lalandia and the Knuthenborg Park and Safari. Fokus on employment, life-form and transformation of place. Especially focusing on what it means to employees in front-stage jobs to work with the making of experience with visitors
Effective start/end date01/01/200629/02/2008


  • Udvikling af universitære aktiveter i Nykøbing Falster, EU-midler gennem CEUS, Handelshøjskolecentret Nykøbing F.: €59,582.00


  • experience industry
  • tourism
  • regional development
  • cultural economy
  • experience economy
  • working life
  • everyday life
  • employment
  • place transformation
  • performance