NCM-RU/10098 - Network for educational research on the social development in multicultural pre/school settings (Roskilde University coordinator Dr. Hans Sønderstrup Andersen, project key person Dr. Margarita Popova)

Project: Research

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Increased Nordic-Russian expertise in the field of social inclusion and exclusion –
including special needs education, social integration of minority and migrant children, youth employment, and transition from education to labor market.
Increased mutual knowledge about the languages, literature and culture of Russia and the Nordic countries.
The theoretical basis for the project is the Cultural Historical
Activity Theory (CHAT) tradition. The aim is to collaborate with practitioners/professionals in order to develop the theoretical-conceptual framework.
In the project dialog and collaboration through local-institutional visits, joint seminars and publications shall result in not merely informing the variety of perspectives, but to create new research-based
teaching-learning materials for teacher education which are able to sustainably develop multicultural pre/
school settings.
Effective start/end date01/10/201331/07/2014