Climate changes and innovation in the building sector, region Zealand

  • Stauning, Inger (Project coordinator)
  • Holm, Jesper (Project participant)
  • Søndergård, Bent (Project participant)
  • Hansen, Kurt Kielsgaard (Project participant)
  • Bonke, Sten (Project participant)
  • Quitzau, Maj-Britt (Project participant)
  • Rasmussen, Torben Valdbjørn (Project participant)
  • Nørby, Merete (Project participant)
  • Ransby, Erling (Project participant)

Project: Research

Project Details


In the project KIBS, we will bring focus to the challenges from the changing climate to the building sector. The aim of the project is to contribute to dialogue, development of competencies and innovation in the building sector in region Zealand. We are a team of researchers and consultants from different institutions: Roskilde University (RU), Technical University (DTU), Building Institute (SBI), Technological Institute (TI) and 2 consulting firms, working together on different aspects of the project.
Effective start/end date01/10/200731/03/2008

Collaborative partners

  • Roskilde University (lead)
  • Byg-DTU (Project partner)
  • Syd-tek (Project partner)
  • Teknologisk Institut,afd. Produktion og Ledelse (Project partner)
  • SBI, Byggeteknik og design (Project partner)


  • Vækstforum Sjælland: €150,870.00


  • climate changes
  • building sector
  • innovation
  • transformation
  • building technology
  • regional strategies