Introduction and dissemination of a culturally feasible service design process into organisation

  • Jensen, Mika Yasuoka (Project participant)
  • Akasaka, Fumiya (Project working partner)
  • Kimura, Atsunobu (Project participant)
  • Ihara, Masayuki (Project participant)
  • Nakatani, Momoko (Project participant)
  • Ohno, Takehiko (Project participant)

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The project aims at proposing methodology of service design for the societal challenge, through articulating and externalizing service design methods and processes, especially for solving societal challenges from Scandinavian and Japanese practices, and systematize the collection as scientific design knowledge in applicable manners. In this project, we 1) conduct a survey of existing relevant research, analyze methods and process applied for social challenges, 2) conduct workshop inScandinavia to collect knowledge from practitioners, 3) conduct workshop in Japan to collec tknowledge from practitioners, 4) systematize the collection from 1), 2), and 3), and 5) depict requirements for methods and processes particularly for societal challenge in Japan. For the years to come, the project will continuously develop service design methods applicable to different socio-cultural societies (i.e. Japan).

Key findings

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Effective start/end date01/04/201431/03/2018


  • Living Lab
  • Service Design