Redesign of European agricultural systems by increasing the use of species mixtures - intercropping - on the individual field

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The ReMIX project explores the benefits of species mixtures - intercropping - in order to develop more diverse, robust and dynamic farming systems in cooperation with committed farmers. Through dialogue with farmers, advisors and other researchers, ReMIX seeks to challenge current practices and value chains through demonstrations of different species mixtures on specific farms. This creates new knowledge and platforms for knowledge sharing across traditional disciplines in the agricultural sector - such as conventional and organic farming. The project focuses on demand-driven innovation and based on networks of actors (multi-actor networks) with the greatest possible involvement of all interested stakeholders. The goal is to test and develop practical solutions to the greatest benefit to all involved. The project investigates and supports everything from end-user needs clarification and user-driven innovation to demonstrations of brand new species mixtures and practical solutions.
Short titleReMIX
Effective start/end date01/05/201730/04/2021