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ROROGREEN is a project that aims at bringing Denmark a step closer to
sustainable Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) shipping. The project uses digital
innovation to monitor RoRo shipping emissions and optimize the industry's
operational and strategic planning. By doing so, we reduce the fuel
consumption of the used vessels, which have the highest impact factor on the
GHG emissions produced during maritime shipping. The operational efficiency
gained by the optimized procedures will lower costs, attract more cargo from
road to sea, and indirectly also reduce the emissions of road transport.
The project will use advanced technological hardware such as cameras, drones,
mobile robots, and sensors, for automated data capturing. The collected data
will then be exploited by using artificial intelligence and optimization
techniques for the development of decision support tools. DFDS will partake in
the project as a living lab for the technologies and tools developed. The
consortium is composed of a number of vendors and universities which will be
testing, validating and innovating these tools and technologies.
Estimations, based on earlier research results and the experience of DFDS,
show a potential CO2 emission reduction of 80,000 tons and cost reductions in
the order of 100 mil. DKK a year for companies such as DFDS. We also
estimate that the project will result in increased financial growth and
employment for the vendor partners and similar companies in Denmark.
Short titleROROGREEN
Effective start/end date01/12/202031/05/2024

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