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The project examines Danish feminist body activism. This is a new social and visual online subculture on the social medium Instagram that has gained mainstream media attention. The project examines two interconnected groups of actors that ways contribute to this process: media content producers and Instagram followers. The Danish case enables a study of such a process based on the small scale of the context. The study offers insights into the connective processes of new activist movements: the everyday digital practices of activists and the networked practices of media content producers -and- the connection between the two. To capture the flow between online and offline practice, the project combines big data, digital methods and ethnography. The study will contribute to the fields of fat studies, feminist media studies and social media activism by turning research turn attention away from representation and onto connections, affective flows and practices in an activist movement.
Short titleFAT
Effective start/end date01/01/202031/05/2024