GoNorth! Enhancing Attractiveness of Higher Education in the Circumpolar North

  • Rasmussen, Rasmus Ole (Project participant)
  • Revhaug, Astrid (Anden)
  • Malinen, Harri (Project participant)
  • Kataja, Riitta (Project participant)
  • Axelsson Grafström, Karin (Project participant)
  • Johnson, Mona (Project participant)
  • Hesjedal, Olav (Project participant)
  • Marcussen, Øystein (Project participant)
  • Bahiereva, Olga (Project participant)
  • Cherenkov, Alexey (Project participant)
  • Russell, Carolyn (Project participant)
  • Anger, Donna (Project participant)

    Project: Research

    Project Details


    The GoNorth project overall objectives are to increase awareness of circumpolar issues to people living outside the region and strengthen and promote Northern institutions in their role as major providers of knowledge about the North.
    The specific objective is to promote the circumpolar region within Europe and beyond as a destination for higher education.

    Globalization is reflected in decisions made in political and industrial centres outside the circumpolar region. However, the effects of these decisions are felt directly in the North. GoNorth will target the future decision makers enabling them to acquire knowledge about the North from northern education institutions; so informed decisions can be made.

    The six main outputs and their activities are:
    1.The development of a marketing strategy activities include:
    Internal marketing strategy
    External review of internal marketing strategy

    2.Production of marketing materials activities include:
    Production of marketing materials printed and online

    3.Promotion of northern education institutions activities include:
    Presentations at International educational conferences
    Online advertising on educational pages

    4.Project management activities include:
    Development of future action plan, final project report and internal evaluation report

    5.Evaluation and dissemination activities include:
    Dissemination using University of the Arctic, 90 Member network
    Partner survey to evaluate the project
    External evaluation report
    Effective start/end date01/11/200530/10/2007


    • Erasmus Mundus : €280.28


    • enhancing attractiveness