Embodied Narratives of Critical Thinking (ENaCT)

  • Pande, Prajakt (Project participant)
  • Majumdar, Rwitajit (Project participant)
  • Mishra, Shitanshu (Project participant)
  • Kothiyal, Aditi (Project participant)
  • Warriem, Jayakrishnan Madathil (Project participant)

Project: Research

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Critical Thinking (CT) is an important 21st-century skill. While various learning activities aim to promote CT among learners, in this paper we propose a new framework - Embodied Narratives of Critical Thinking (ENaCT) - to conceptualise the learning of CT, as well as analytics to assess CT, in a technology-enhanced environment. In the context of a CT activity, this project
bridges the perspectives of embodied cognition, aligning actions that constitute the learning with learning analytics approaches to measure and build narratives of the learning process. The components of the framework are illustrated with an example of an interface design for the learning of CT within an online reading platform. Applicability of the framework and future research agenda are discussed.
Effective start/end date01/07/202030/09/2021


  • Embodied cognition
  • critical thinking
  • thinking skills
  • learning analytics
  • action-based
  • learning