Ecosystems Services in Roskilde Fjord

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This is an interdisciplinary project focusing on Ecosystems Services (i.e., human benefits provided by nature) in Roskilde Fjord and the surrounding upland. We will evaluate appropriate methodologies to reveal, assess and map such services, in part based on inputs from the community and users of RF. Later, we use our assessment of Ecosystems Services in Roskilde Fjord to engage the local community, environmental managers, politicians and other relevant stakeholders to increase their awareness of the environmental status and its importance of RF for them and to aide in management decisions regarding Roskilde Fjord and the surrounding area that often involve tradeoffs and dilemmas between different decisions and practices.
Short titleES in RF
Effective start/end date11/06/201831/12/2020


  • ecosystems
  • ecosystem services
  • Environmental management
  • Roskilde Fjord