Disaster Risk Creation in Urban Resettlement Processes

  • Raju, Emmanuel (Project manager)
  • Sen, Somdeep (Project participant)
  • Parpiani, Maansi (Project participant)
  • Veerappan, Ramesh (Project participant)
  • Joseph, Jacquleen (Project participant)

Project: Research

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Layman's description

In a global, urbanized world with the majority of people living in urban areas and high numbers living in slums/informal settlements, there has been a call by many governments to resettle urban slums in the light of extreme weather events and disasters such as urban floods. However, relocation processes post-disasters have been proven unsuccessful in the past as post-disaster resettlements in the pastbhave shown resettled communities being affected by flooding and other disasters. In this context, this project will investigate how resettlement of urban slums is creating new disaster risks. This project is built around a synergistic partnership between University of Copenhagen, Roskilde University in Denmark and the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in India. This project will contribute with new knowledge on how disaster risk is created in urban resettlement and push the field of disaster studies in a new direction theoretically highlighting the contours of disaster risk creation.
Effective start/end date01/08/202131/07/2025

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