The impact of victimization on feelings of safety and wellbeing

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The purpose of the project is to contribute new research-based knowledge of the social and psychological consequences of victimization. For some victims the victimization experience generates at sharp increase in feelings of unsafety but for other victims the impact is relatively modest. This project focuses primarily on examining the factors which moderates the impact of crime on feeling of safety for victims of crime. The project combines a victimological perspective with a focus on the well-being and feeling of safety of victims of crime with a sociological perspective, which focuses on the individual and institutional factors that influence victims' experiences of safety . The project is based on secondary analyses of pre-existing data i.e. the National Safety Survey from Danish Police, European Social Survey and register data from Statistics Denmark.
Effective start/end date01/03/201931/05/2021


  • fear of crime
  • victimization