COST Action IS1408:Industrially Contaminated Sites and Health Network (ICSHNet)

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In Europe, earlier industrialization and poor environmental management practices have left a legacy of thousands of contaminated sites. Past and current industrial activities can cause local and diffuse contamination, to such an extent that it might threaten human health of resident populations, especially in vulnerable subgroup. Moreover, health, environment, and social aspects are strongly interconnected, local communities are often alarmed, and both scientists and policy makers have expressed concern. Distinct research initiatives on the health impact of contaminated sites have provided considerable evidence, however data are sparse, and assessments have seen a fragmentation of objectives and methods. It is therefore urgent to promote coordination and collaboration between researchers and risk managers to identify common strategies at European level to deal with this issue more systematically.
This Action aims at establishing and consolidating a European Network of experts and relevant institutions, and developing a common framework for research and response through conferences, workshops, training and dissemination activities.
The Network will: clarify knowledge gaps and research priorities; support collection of relevant data and information; stimulate development of harmonised methodology; promote collaborative research initiatives, and develop guidance and resources on risk assessment, management and communication.
Effective start/end date29/04/201528/04/2019