Project Details


The primary objective of the project is to generate new knowledge on how senior employees' care obligations for their older parents
affect their labour market participation, and to disseminate this knowledge to informed policymaking
promoting extended and full-time working lives for employees.
The secondary objectives are to:
(1) identify and quantify the effects of having a care-needing parent on the supply of labour and the demand for social insurance
benefits, and examine how effects are mediated by (combinations of) individual characteristics, enterprises characteristics in different
sectors and industries, and family situation
(2) investigate various groups of employees’ experiences and need for support
(3) study conflicts of interest between employees and employers (micro level) and the welfare state and labour marked (macro level)
(4) compare enterprises in different sectors and industries in Norway, Denmark and Sweden
(5) based on the findings, discuss policy
Effective start/end date01/04/2021 → 01/10/2024