Climate plan of action for organic farming – a farm approach

Project: Research

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The project aims at developing organic farming (OF) in such a way that it will be a leading actor within climate mitigation without compromising any environmental or animal welfare principles and values. The task is to develop advisory concepts to support and encourage farmers to choose strategies which will result in
•reduced greenhousegas (GHG) emissions from fields and stables,
•decreasing general fossil energy consumption, and
•increasing soil carbon sequestration.
The project will be conducted in close collaboration with 10 farmers including most recent scientific findings in order to put suggestions for novel changes into practice. Benchmarking tools together with actual measurements on the individual farms will be used.

Effective communication approaches are critical to support organic farmers to develop their farm towards more climate friendly strategies. Only when farmers can understand the negative effects of climate change and its impacts can they prepare for and adapt to them.
Effective start/end date01/01/201031/12/2010