Citizen Science for Sustainability (SuScit)

  • Eames, Malcolm (Project participant)
  • Egmose, Jonas (Project participant)
  • Adebowale, Maria (Project participant)
  • Iudicissa, Iara (Project participant)
  • Lucas, Karen (Project participant)

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    Citizen Science for Sustainability (SuScit) is an action research project seeking to provide local communities with a greater say in environmental and sustainability research.
    SuScit particularly seeks to work with socially and economically excluded citizens, such as older people, young people, people with disabilities and those from Black, Asian and ethnic communities, who often find it difficult to get their voices heard.
    Effective start/end date01/12/200631/05/2009

    Collaborative partners

    • Roskilde University (lead)
    • University of Oxford (Project partner)
    • Brunel University (Project partner)
    • Capacity Global (Project partner)


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    • Citizen Science for Sustainability
    • SuScit
    • Action research
    • Public participation
    • Sustainability
    • Sommunity Foresight