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“Building Stronger Universities in Developing Countries” (BSU) is a partnership between research and higher education institutions in developing countries and Danish universities.

The Danish universities have a long history of collaboration with research and higher education institutions in developing countries. Research and tertiary education is increasingly seen as a driver of socio-economic development by developing countries and donor agencies.

In 2000, Denmark signed the United Nations Millennium Declaration and committed itself to the eight Millennium Development Goals. In 2009, the Danish Africa Commission presented recommendations as to how Denmark can help nations in Africa benefit from globalization. In 2010, the Danish Parliament approved a new strategy for development co-operation: “Freedom from poverty – freedom to change”.

In order to contribute to these developments, the Vice-Chancellors of the Danish universities appointed a working group that in 2009 has provided recommendations as to how the Danish university sector can further support capacity strengthening within research and tertiary education in developing countries. These recommendations and the subsequent dialogue with partners in developing countries and with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided the background for the BSU initiative.


The development (overall) objective of the BSU initiative is, in accordance with its title, to strengthen universities in developing countries. “Strengthen” in the sense that they:

•play an increasing role in the economic, social and political development of the societies in which they are located;

•function as nodes of innovation and knowledge production, providing solutions to local/domestic and global challenges;

•produce skilled and motivated graduates that can contribute to the further development of the societies and address the challenges faced.
Effective start/end date01/10/201001/01/2012