Biofuel Initiatives in Region Zealand, Denmark

Project: Research

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The project aims at promoting the use of bioresources for energy use in Region Zealand assessing business potential of various suggested projects as well as facilitating actual bioenergy initiatives The project identifies the potential for increased use, research and development within solid and liquid biofuels. The project quantifies relevant bioresources and conversion technologies and point out promising opportunities for businesses towards 2020. Selected promising projects will be developed further with a focus on assessing business potentials including feasibility studies. Biofuel Initiatives presents plans and suggestions regarding the use of the region’s biomass resources for energy purposes.A wide range of key players in the Region will be involved through workshops and other “change of ideas” events. The target groups can be divided in three:•Business and authorities providing and handling bioresources, which especially involves the agricultural and forestry sector (produced biomass) and industry and municipalities (residues and waste streams)•Business and authorities utilizing the bioresources by some kind of conversion to solid and/or liquid biofuels•Suppliers and other business partner able to encourage and support the carry through of suggested developing projectsIt is expected that the project develop a catalogue of potential new possibilities for increased utilization of bioresources in the Region including both energy technology aspects and local conditions and possibilities for trades and industries.
While mapping bioresources available and couple this knowledge to existing biomass conversion technologies a ‘Knowledge Society’ can be build to secure adequate supply of skills & inventiveness.
Effective start/end date01/06/200731/12/2009