Biodiversity Assessment in Social Entrepreneurial Decision Making in Tourism. Case: The Royal Beach Camp

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The project is a cross-departmental collaboration between Department of People and Technology, Department of Business and Society, and the case organization “The Royal Beach Camp” (RBC) in Nepal. RBC is a Swedish-Nepalese eco-tourism social enterprise, based in rural central Nepal, educating adventure guides and running expeditions around the country to international safety and quality standards along with ambitious goals for sustainability.
Green consciousness is now becoming increasingly important with our climate crisis and in the business entrepreneurial field social as well as green consciousness are increasingly tied together, as one inevitably impacts the other. Keeping both financial, social, and green value and impact in mind is known as the tripple bottom line. This preproject aims to support incipient green assessment research and models in social entrepreneurships in tourism. To enable green social entrepreneurship tourism, there is e need for social and climate value assessment models that can ensure financing and enable new tourism practices. The preproject will develop a project application for a research project that includes a PhD project based at Roskilde University.
Effective start/end date15/06/201931/12/2021

Collaborative partners


  • CIRCLES Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Education in Circular Economy & Sustainability: €10,000.00