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The increasing use of digital algorithms for collecting and processing big data fundamentally changes the way in which we form opinions and make decisions - as individuals and collectively. Whereas this change previously went unnoticed, it has now come to the public's attention and is articulated as a matter of concern. Hence, data and algorithms are not only technological infrastructure for public debate, but also the subject of debate. In other words, digitalization has become controversial and is, today, perceived as a contributing cause of societal crises of trust.

In the ADD-project we ask how this development can be changed: How can algorithms and data become means of citizens' engagement and enlightenment? And how may they strengthen democracy? As such, we search for digital solutions to digital problems by studying controversies about digitalization as they play out on digital platforms and are shaped by digital technologies.
Effective start/end date28/02/202128/02/2031

Collaborative partners

  • Roskilde University (lead)
  • Syddansk Universitet
  • Aarhus University
  • Aalborg University
  • University of Copenhagen
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Mandag Morgen