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The causes of political extremism and radicalism: A perspective on enclave processes

Antonijević, S.


Project: Research

The Exhibitions as Situation and the Curatorial Act

Schwarzbart, J.


Project: Research

The Foreign Policies of European Union Member States

Manners, I., Whitman, R. & Hadfield, A.


Project: Research

The High Reliability Service Organization

Sund, K. J. & Olsen, M.


Project: Research

The Knowledge and Professionalism of Pedagogues

Højholt, C., Stanek, A. H., Kousholt, D. & Juhl, P.

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Project: Research

LLIU: The linguistic landscape of the international university

Mortensen, J. & Robert, E.


Project: Research

The Nordic Colonial Mind

Jensen, L. & Loftsdóttir, K.

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Project: Research

Theory of Ruin

Shanks, M., Svabo, C. & Pétursdóttir, Þ.


Project: Research

The Primacy of Tense: A.N. Prior Now and Then

Blackburn, P. R.


Project: Research

The Roles of European Union Member States

Manners, I.


Project: Research

The social dynamics of homelessness in Nuuk, Greenland

Christensen, J. & Arnfjord, S.

01/01/2016 → …

Project: Research

The Transnational Contestation of European Austerity

Harrison, Y. N. A.


Project: Research

The virtual 3D Agora-world, EQUEL project SIG 5

Jensen, S. S., Fejfer Olsen, S., Tange, N., Bolander, K., Deepwell, F., Jones, C. R., Mann, S. & Lally, V.

EQUEL - e-quality in e-learning, e-learning Action 2 programme


Project: Research

The way out of marginalisation

Husted, M., Tofteng, D. M. B., Nielsen, K. A. & Gleerup, J.

Puljen til udvikling af den sociale indsats på det rummelige arbejdsmarked.


Project: Research

Vores Museum

Jessen, T. S. G. & Warring, A. E.

01/08/2016 → …

Project: Research

Vores Museum

Haldrup, M., Baggesen, R. H. & Littrup, S. L.

01/07/2016 → …

Project: Research