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Antimicrobial Discovery in Human Commensal Bacteria

Jelsbak, L., Iversen, S. & Andersen, P. S.


Project: Research

Confronting data - phd-journal-club

Haug, K. B.

11/02/2020 → …

Project: Other

Den Pandemiske By

Bille, M. & Thelle, M.


Project: Research

Online scenekunst og nye publikumsmøder

Tosca, S.


Project: Research

Mobilitet på tværs

Hartmann-Petersen, K.


Project: Research

ENaCT: Embodied Narratives of Critical Thinking (ENaCT)

Pande, P., Majumdar, R., Mishra, S., Kothiyal, A. & Warriem, J. M.


Project: Research

CASH-IN: privately managed cash transfers in Africa

Buur, L., Nystrand, M., Ulrich, J., Yawe, B. & Kilonzo, R.


Project: Research

YOPA: Young parents, parental leave and gender equality

Rostgaard, T., Ejrnæs, A. & Lammi-Taskula, J.


Project: Research

MSCY: Media, Security Crises and Youth in West Africa

Bojsen, H., Ngomba, T. J., Compaoré, I., Wildermuth, N., Hahonou, E. K., Nielsen, P. E., Samuelsen, H., Larsen, J. M., Hagberg, S., Yaméogo, L., De Jorio, R., Soré, Z., Cissao, Y., Kibora, L., Konsimbo, E., Kaboré, A., Bagaré, M., Fofana, H., Konkobo, B., Ouedraogo, B., Lamine, S., Ely Dicko, B., Karambé, Y., Koné, B., Daouda Diallo, B., Lamine, S., Gustafsson, J., Hansen, E. & Frère, M.


Project: Research


Syberg, K.

Project: Research

A national turn contesting globalization? New resource encounters in Africa

Buur, L., Nystrand, M., Hundsbæk Pedersen, R., Jarnholt, E. D., Salimo, P., Jacob, T., Hillbom, E., Kaarhus, R. & Biddulph, R.

Project: Research