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Træghed og forandring i byudviklingen

Greve, A.

10/10/2003 → …

Project: Research

Close encounters with the Dutch

Poulsen, B.

<ingen navn>

02/01/2003 → …

Project: Research

Demokratisk naturforvaltning

Nielsen, K. A. & Nielsen, B. S.

01/08/2002 → …

Project: Research

Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector

Jæger, B., Sørensen, E., Torfing, J., Aagaard, P., Balslev, G. M. & Vaaben, N.


09/09/2001 → …

Project: Research

History of Marine Animal Populations

Poulsen, B.

Census of Marine Life

01/02/2001 → …

Project: Research

The Roles of European Union Member States

Manners, I.

01/01/2000 → …

Project: Research

Not started

Quantifying the topological events connecting tubulogenesis and beta-cell differentiation

Feragen, A., Nyeng, P., Semb, H., Arnavaz, K., Krivokapic, J. M. & Krause, O.


Project: Research

Economics and ethics of a sustainable passenger mass policy

Jørgensen, M. T., Tolkach, D., Pratt, S., Masiero, L. & Schuckert, M.


Project: Research

Gaza: Gaza: The spatio-politics of health, death and life

Pace, M. & Yacobi, H.


Project: Research

Context projektet -Creating integrated person-centred care in different settings

Kamp, A., Dybbroe, B., Vabø, M., Rostgaard, T., jensen, M. F., Norvoll, R. & Øye, C.

Project: Research


Urban Creativity

Pinder, D.


Project: Research

Gruppedannelser på Roskilde Universitet

Petersen, E. B.


Project: Consultancy

Tourism in the Circular Economy

Bærenholdt, J. O. & Sørensen, F.


Project: Research

Ord i Paradis: Semantikken i Stillehavets Kreolsprog

Levisen, C.


Project: Research

Academic diversity and collaborative learning

Petersen, E. B.


Project: Research

Fagprofessionelle og organisatorisk innovation

Burau, V. & Dahl, H. M.


Project: Research

Mikroalger som mad

Nielsen, S. L. & Thoisen, C.


Project: Research