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Mobilitet på tværs

Hartmann-Petersen, K.


Project: Research

ANaCT: Action-based Narratives of Critical Thinking (ANaCT)

Pande, P., Majumdar, R., Mishra, S., Kothiyal, A. & Warriem, J. M.


Project: Research

CASH-IN: privately managed cash transfers in Africa

Buur, L., Nystrand, M., Ulrich, J., Yawe, B. & Kilonzo, R.


Project: Research

YOPA: Young parents, parental leave and gender equality

Rostgaard, T., Ejrnæs, A. & Lammi-Taskula, J.


Project: Research


Syberg, K.

Project: Research

A national turn contesting globalization? New resource encounters in Africa

Buur, L., Nystrand, M., Hundsbæk Pedersen, R., Jarnholt, E. D., Salimo, P., Jacob, T., Hillbom, E., Kaarhus, R. & Biddulph, R.

Project: Research