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Spatial Justice in the 21st Century Urban-Rural Land Regime: Revisiting Allmänningar and Stråk

Pinder, D., Grundström, K., Parker, P., Larsson, A., Wendt, C. & Grander, M.


Project: Research

Feminist Activism in Transition (FAT)

Christiansen, L. B.


Project: Research

Populism and Democratic Defence in Europe

Bourne, A.


Project: Research

Sammenhæng i teoretisk-klinisk u

Lehn, S. & Bukhave, E. B.


Project: Research

A national turn contesting globalization? New resource encounters in Africa

Buur, L., Nystrand, M., Hundsbæk Pedersen, R., Jarnholt, E. D., Salimo, P., Jacob, T., Hillbom, E., Kaarhus, R. & Biddulph, R.

Project: Research

Context projektet -Creating integrated person-centred care in different settings

Kamp, A., Dybbroe, B., Vabø, M., Rostgaard, T., jensen, M. F., Norvoll, R. & Øye, C.

Project: Research


Syberg, K.

Project: Research