The virtual 3D Agora-world, EQUEL project SIG 5

  • Jensen, Sisse Siggaard (Project coordinator)
  • Fejfer Olsen, Sanne (Project participant)
  • Tange, Nina (Project participant)
  • Bolander, Klara (Project participant)
  • Deepwell, Frances (Project participant)
  • Jones, Christopher R. (Project participant)
  • Mann, Sarah (Project participant)
  • Lally, Vic (Project participant)

    Project: Research

    Project Details


    This project is about knowledge sharing and avatar meetings in the Agora 3D world. It introduces a theoretical understanding of knowledge sharing in avatar-based social interaction. It also analyzes observations from 14 explorative sessions undertaken while building and exploring social interaction in a 3D Agora world in Active Worlds Educational Universes - AWEDU. All of this in a process of building collaboratively with avatars while asking questions such as: is it possible to support knowledge sharing in a 3D envi-ronment (VEs) based on interaction with avatars building a meeting place not in bricks but with 3D building objects? How do avatars influence the knowledge-sharing process and collaboration? Is it possible for avatars to build a community of practice while building such a 3D world as a frame of reference for the activity of this community?
    Effective start/end date30/10/200224/11/2004


    • EQUEL - e-quality in e-learning, e-learning Action 2 programme