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Søren Juul is dr.scient.soc and associate professor at Department of Society and Globalization, Roskilde University.

My Research interests concearn the conditions for social cohesion in an individualized, culturally diverse and partly globalized society. The aim of my latest research, including my sociological habilitation, has been to elaborate af new normative ideal of solidarity and on the basis of this to carry out critical analyses of tendences in present society. I have defined solidarity as a metaconcept of recognition, justice and good judgement. From this perspective a just order of recognition is understood as the precondition for human selfrealization and social cohesion.

In the light of this ideal I have analysed developments in late modern society at three levels: First an analysis og the modern culture. Next an analysis of developments in policies of welfare mainly focusing on social welfare and job creation programmes in the EU. Finally an analysis of the implementation of policy towards the citizens drawing on examples from especially Danish welfare institutions.

My analyses show that on all three levels there is af gap between the ideal of solidarity and the social realities. For that reason I call for comprehensive social, political and institutional change. This I see as a prerequisite for preventing destructive possibilities of modernity, for the realization of the welfare state's great narrative of good living conditions for all, and for the minimizing of disrespect in the meeting between system and citizens.

My latest research carries further themes which has been central to my research for many years now . This includes an interest for tendencies in practical social work and in the forms of judgement which dominate the social institutions and the minds of the professionals. It also includes a natural linterest for social philosophy which is a central theme of my research. My Sociological habilitation will be published at Routledge in Februar 2013 in the book series: Advances in Sociology.

Present publications in English include: 

Solidarity and Social Cohesion in Late Modernity - a Question of Recognition, Justice and Good Judgement in: European Journal of Social Theory. Volume 13, issue 2. Sage 2010, 

Recognition and Judgement in Social Work. Volume 12, Number 4 in European Journal of Social Work. Routledge 2009.

Incentives, Contract Policy and Disrespect: a Critical Normative Analysis of Changes in Welfare Policy Leading to the Disrespect of Ethnic Minorities in Denmark in: Distinktion, Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory. Volume 13, issue 1. Routledge 2012

I have presented my work at several international research conferences and for almost all branches of the the social services and health care sector in Denmark.