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Professor of Participatory Design.

Internationally leading expert in Participatory Design. Chair of the Participatory Design Conferences Advisory Board (2014-2019). Has since 1991 conducted Participatory Design research in collaboration with industry - focused on how information technology designers can cooperate with users and their management especially when relating to the clarification of goals, formulation of needs, and designing, implementing, realizing, and evaluating coherent visions for change.

Over 30 years of experience in research management and collaboration with external partners in action research driven projects. Has since 2005 continually managed research projects and collaboration with Region Zealand (Biosolution “fyrtårn” consortium, Roskilde, Holbæk, Slagelse, Køge, and Nykøbing Falster hospitals), The Capital Region of Denmark (Bispebjerg hospital and Rigshospitalet), The Region of Southern Denmark (Odense Hospital), The North Denmark Region (Aalborg and Hjørring hospitals). Director of the Roskilde University Strategic Research Initiative ‘Designing Human Technologies’ with 75 research participants (2012-2016). Director of the Information Technology Ph.D. program at Roskilde University (current position).

Current Research projects:
  • Implications of AI implementation in Danish Health care – promises, people and data (2019-2023): Development and effects-driven organizational implementation of a predictive AI model for patients not showing up for their outpatient surgery at out-patient clinics. Collaboration partners: Bispebjerg hospital, Digestive Disease Centre (Abdominalcenter K). Including PhD-student cand. scient. Christopher Gyldenkærne.
  • Effects-driven re-allocation of medication tasks from physician to clinical pharmacist using Epic (2019-2023). Studies of re-allocation task in US, UK, the Netherlands and Norway. Pilot implementation of re-allocation in Region Zealand. Collaboration partners: Hospital pharmacy and hospitals in Region Zealand. Including PhD-student cand. pharm. Christine Bech Flagstad.
  • Biosolutions Zealand: Effects-driven improvement of bio-production processes with AI (2022-2023). Effects-driven implementation and evaluation of AI-tool for local improvement of fermentation processes in the production of nature-based ingredients, microbial solutions, food cultures and enzymes for the food industry in Region Zealand. Collaboration partners: BioLean, CP Kelco and Chr. Hansen.
  • Participatory Design and Pilot Implementation of CNN-Based Diagnosis in Clinical Practice (2022-2025). Developing explainable AI (Convolutional Deep Neural Networks (CNN)) for CT-scanning’s of renal tumors. Effects-driven pilot implementation documenting the ensuing effects and realized benefits. Collaboration partners: Department of Urology Zealand University Hospital, Roskilde. Including PhD-student cand. scient. Daniel van Dijk Jacobsen.


  • Computer science, IT
  • Participatory Design
  • Healthcare IT
  • Effects
  • Informatics
  • Sociotechnical approach
  • Ethnography
  • Action Research
  • innovation in organizations and public-private innovation networks
  • Organizational change (in general)
  • Organizational implementation
  • Post-implementation stage
  • Local innovation
  • local entrepreneurs