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Cross-disciplinary research relating the sociology of language/sociolinguistics with cultural studies. Focus on the relationship between language and culture in modern complex societies. Multilingual society and the multilingual individual seen in a global context of transnational migration and transnational education and media. Language and culture pedagogy with special reference to the culture pedagogical dimension, cultural representations and culturan identities in foreign and second language teaching and learning. The relationship between national and transnational approaches in language and intercultural learning. Internationalisation and intercultural competences in critical perspective.


Karen Risager 

CV, Publications, Refereeings, Key-notes

August 2012




Professor Emerita, Dr.Phil.

Roskilde University, Department of Culture and Identity

Doctoral Programme of Intercultural Studies

(BA and MA Programmes of Cultural Encounters)




CV – Chronology


Research and teaching

2012-             Member of the Scientific Committee for The International Journal of Education for Diversities (IJE4D)

2011-12         Member of the Advisory Board for the international conference on Academic Mobility and Migration (ICAMM3), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 2012

2011              Co-convenor and organiser of international Doctoral Summer School ‘Identity and Interculturality: Research Methods’, Roskilde University, July 2011 (with Cultnet)

2008-11         Member of the Advisory Board for the Handbook of Language and Intercultural Communication, ed. by Jane Jackson, Routledge, forthcoming

2008-12         Co-editor of a 10 volume encyclopedia to appear at Wiley/Blackwell’s in 2012: Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics, responsible for the topic area Culture and Context

2008-12         Director, later ordinary member, of the working group concerning the Danish bibliometric research indicator in the fields of anthropology, ethnology, cultural encounters and minority studies

2007              Participant in a Roskilde University delegation, led by the vice-chancellor, to a number of universities in China concerning exchange and collaboration within studies of the humanities/cultural studies

2007-11         Director/member of the board of the doctoral programme Intercultural Studies, Roskilde University

2007-11         Director of the research group Intercultural Studies, Roskilde University

2007-12         Participant in the international research network and centre CALPIU: Cultural and Linguistic Practices in the International University, Roskilde University

2007-11         Member of the board of the Graduate School of Regional Studies (based at the University of Copenhagen)

2007-08         Member of the board of the Ph.D. programme Cultural Diversity and Learning, a part of The Graduate School of Education (Danish University of Education)

2006-             Reviewer for various Nordic research councils

2006-08         External examiner at the programme Master of Foreign Language Pedagogy

2005              Inaugural lecture as Professor in Cultural Encounters

2004-             Participant in the Danish cross-university research project: Learning and Integration – Adults and Danish as a Second Language

2003              Public lecture at Roskilde University’s anniversary celebration

2003-             Co-initiator and member of board in IRIS, Centre for Language and Culture Pedagogy, Department of Language and Culture

2003              Defense of Dr.Phil. thesis (appr. = the German ‘Habilitation’)

2003              Scientific consultant for the Ministry of Refugees, Immigrants and Integration, concerning courses on Danish language and culture

2002-08         External Examiner at Linguistics (Copenhagen and Aarhus Universities)

2002              Member of Roskilde University working group as part of the cross-university project: Quality and Diversity in Academia

2002-06         Member of the Language and Culture Network in Denmark, supported by the Danish Research Council for the Humanities

2002-03         External Examiner at Cultural Studies (University of Southern Denmark)

2002-09         Participant in Gradeast, Graduate School for Linguistics in Eastern Denmark

2002-09         Co-initiator and member of the board in the research group SCALPS, Department of Language and Culture (Sociolinguistics, Conversation Analysis, Language Pedagogy and Sociocultural issues)

2001-05         Member of the working group on intercultural competence in the organisation IBIS focusing on North-South collaboration and multiethnic society

2001-06         Member of the board in the Network for Cultural Studies (later: the National Network for Cultural Research and Cultural Analysis)

2001-11         External Examiner at Minority Studies (Copenhagen University)

2000-12         Teaching at Cultural Encounters

2000-02         Member of a working group on ethnic equality in universities (in The Ministry of Research, later the Ministry of Education, later the Ministry of Science, Technology and Development)

1999-             Co-initiator of RU’s Masters Programme: Cultural Encounters

1999-07         External Examiner at various educations for teachers of Danish as a second language

1998-00         Support for three years by the Danish Research Council for the Humanities to write a Dr.Phil. thesis on: The National Dilemma in Language and Culture Pedagogy. A Study in the Relationship between Language and Culture

1997-02         Responsible for the planning and organisation of the Department’s annual Ph.D. course on Globalisation, Language and Culture

1996-98         Scientific consultant for the Danish Ministry of Education, section of upper secondary education, concerning an investigation of internationalisation

1996              Member of a working group in the Ministry of Education on the description of a new study programme for teachers of Danish as a Second Language

1996-97         Organiser of an in-service course for upper secondary teachers of foreign languages: Language and Culture Pedagogy 

1996-98         Participant in (and contractor for) an international research and development project on the internationalisation of technical schools in Europe: International Teacher, supported by the Leonardo programme

1996-97         External examiner at Language and International Studies/Language and International Relations (Aalborg University)

1995              Participant in a working group in the Ministry of Education on the description of the field Danish as a second language

1994-             Co-initiator and member of the board of the periodical: Sprogforum.  Tidsskrift for sprog- og kulturpædagogik

1994-             Member of the International Research Network Cultnet (The Cultural Dimension of Language Education)

1994-97         External examiner at business and economic studies in relation to French

1993-95         Member of the Ministry of Educations’ commission concerning new guidelines langauge teaching in the Folkeskole (primary and lower secondary education)

1993-97         Member of the Network of Foreign Language Pedagogy, supported by the Danish Research Council for the Humanities

1992-99         Director of the Danish section of the international research project: Language Teachers’ Identity in the process of European Integration, supported by the Danish Research Council for the Humanities

1992              Member of the Vetting Committee for the section: The Cultural Component in Language Teaching at the AILA conference in Amsterdam 1993

1992-04         Member/vice-chairman in the board of ADLA, Association Danoise de Linguistique Appliquée, the Danish section of AILA

1991              Member of the board of FAU, the association of researchers within international development studies

1989-92         External examiner at the Department of Education, Copenhagen University

1989              Member of a working group developing a study programme on market economy managers (Markedsøkonomiuddannelsen)

1989-2012     Teaching at International Cultural Studies, the international variant of the Basic Education of the Humanities, Roskilde University

1985-93         Teaching at International Development Studies, Roskilde University

1984-91         Co-initiator and participant in the information centre Frankrig Information (France Information), Roskilde University

1978-80         Co-initiator and co-editor of the review TRUC

1977-             Participation in a broad range of further and in-service education, especially related to the cultural dimension of language teaching, for language teachers of all languages, at all levels and in all kinds of institutions

1975-97         Co-editor of the review ROLIG-papir (Roskilde University)

1974-97         Teaching at French studies, Roskilde University

1974-2012     Teaching at the Basic Education of the Humanities, Roskilde University


Study administration

2007-11         Director of the doctoral programme Intercultural Studies, several periods

2001-06         Director of studies of Cultural Encounters (BA and MA programmes)

1995-03         Chairman of the representative board of Infodok, Information Centre on Foreign and Second Language Teaching, The Danish Library of Education

1995-96         Chairman of the evaluation of French studies at Roskilde University as part of the general evaluation of studies of Romance languages in Denmark

1994-97         Roskilde University coordinator of the ERASMUS/SOCRATES network Cultural Studies

1994-03         Chairman, later member of, the board of the doctoral programme Language, Culture and Communication, Roskilde University

1986              Director of the Department of Language and Culture

1975-97         Director of studies of French in several periods



2012-             Professor Emerita in Cultural Encounters, Roskilde University

2005-             Professor in Cultural Encounters, Roskilde University

2004              Transferred to Cultural Encounters, Roskilde University

1974-             Assistant Professor, from 1979 Associate Professor, in language pedagogy with reference to French, at the Department of Language and Culture, Roskilde University

1972-74         Part-time teacher at University of Copenhagen Extension Courses

1971-74         Library assistant at the Department of Linguistics, University of Copenhagen

1971-74         Part-time teacher at the Department of Linguistics, University of Copenhagen



2003              Dr.phil., Roskilde University

1979              French (supplementary subject), University of Copenhagen

1975              General linguistics (main subject), University of Copenhagen

1966              High School Certificate, Modern Languages, Rysensteen Gymnasium, Copenhagen


Born in Copenhagen 1947




Publications and refereeing



Monographs, authored or co-authored


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Anthologies, edited or co-edited


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International Migration

Journal of Applied Linguistics

Journal of International and Intercultural Communication

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Language, Culture and Curriculum

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TESOL Quarterly



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International key-note lectures, invited lectures, and lectures (papers)

I have given numerous lectures at conferences and courses in Denmark during the years.

The following gives an overview of lectures abroad since 2001:


2001:             Jönköping                           invited speaker

                      Reykjavík                           speaker

                      Athens                                invited speaker

2002:             Bremen                               invited speaker

2003:             Oslo                                    invited speaker

                      Waikato (New Zealand)     speaker

2006:             Bergen                                invited speaker

2007:             Durham                               speaker

                      Bergen                                invited speaker

                      Augsburg                            key-note speaker

                      Barcelona                            invited speaker

                      Giessen                               invited speaker

2008:             Washington D.C.                invited speaker

                      Paris                                    invited speaker

                      Hamburg                             invited speaker

                      Hong Kong                         speaker (and co-organiser of symposium)

2009:             Kuala Lumpur                    key-note speaker (this I had to cancel because of illness)

                      Tallinn                                 key-note speaker

2010:             Bangor                                speaker

                      Nottingham                        key-note speaker

                      Udine                                  key-note speaker

                      Lisbon                                 key-note speaker

                      Umeå                                  key-note speaker

2011:             Vasa                                    key-note speaker

                      Leeuwarden                        invited speaker

                      Turku                                  invited speaker

2012:             Kristiansand                       key-note speaker









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