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MSc & PhD

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My research interests is planning and implementation of renewable energy in Denmark as well as in developing countries, primarily in south east asia. Especially biomass waste (agricultural & industrial) for generation of carbon neutral energy has my interests, but I also find conversion of biofuels (1. & 2. generation) and biogas (from animal manure) interesting. Researh focusing on how industrial activities in developing countries can transfor the countries' energy supply, towards more sustainable patterns of resource consumption, constitute my present work. This work also include a critical approach to the clean development mechanism (CDM) by which developed countries purchase carbon credits in developing countries.

I am presently funded by DANIDA and work as assistant professor on a project, in which the CDM is sought enhanced, for improved environmental benefits of such projects in developing countries.

I also act as supervisor for project groups; study group supervisor, etc.




 Mrs. Rikke Lybaek




April 8th 1969








Energy Planning, Natural Resource Management and Project Coordination




University of Roskilde, Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change, ENSPAC (house 10.1) P.O. Box 260, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark

Telephone:   + 45 46742857, + 45 20217688

E-mail: rbl@ruc.dk





Ms. Lybaek's main qualifications are energy planning, renewable energy implementation and Demand Side Management. Her professional skills are to conduct technical, economical, political and environmental analysis and surveys within the energy field. And further, to develop strategies/actions for how to implement environmentally sustainable changes in present energy systems in Denmark as well as in developing countries.

She has planning experience in relation to windmills and small scale biogas plants in a Danish context, and experience with co-generation technologies, industrial and agricultural processes - as well as district heating networks - based on her research conducted in South East Asia. She has knowledge about the Kyoto Protocol mechanism's ‘Joint Implementation' and ‘Clean Development Mechanism'.

Ms. Lybaek holds solid writing and communication skills, and has been the author of several publications in English as well as in Danish. As an educated researcher, she has experience as a speaker at conferences and workshops. Ms. Lybaek has provided professional supervision for numerous Danish and foreign students at university level.

Ms. Lybaek is furthermore an experienced trainer and has organised and carried out training courses for senior university students on ‘renewable energy implementation'. She is also an experienced interviewer, and has conducted more than 150 interviews in Denmark and in South East Asia the past years.

Ms. Lybaek has, as a result of her professional experience in South East Asia and Denmark, developed an extensive network to important stakeholders within the countries, including stakeholders in the central administration, provinces and municipalities, NGO's, university researchers, private consultants, manufactures of energy technologies, business leaders and farmers etc.   




Ph.D. in Energy Planning, University of Roskilde, Denmark (2004).

Master of Technological and Socio-Economic Planning (Cand. Techn. Soc.), University of Roskilde, Denmark (1999). 




8 weeks course in ‘Project Management', Carl Bro, Glostrup, Denmark (2005).


  • - Logical Framework Approach (LFA)
  • - Project Planning
  • - International Tendering & Writing of Proposals
  • - Institutional Analysis
  • - Fundraising







Denmark, Poland, Thailand, Malaysia.




































Graphic program VISIO & MS Office Pro Package



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Medio 2004 - Ultimo 2004






Primo 2000 - Medio 2004


Ph.D. Thesis











Ultimo 2000 - Primo 2001




Medio 1994 - Ultimo 1999 (selected work)


Master Deg. Project


















  Assistant Professor, University of Roskilde, Denmark


- DANIDA funded project on the Clean Development Mechanism and possibilities for enhancement using Thailand as a case;

- Supervision of project groups, Study Group Supervisor, Member of the Study Board Committee etc.  



Project Employee, Environmental Protection Agency (Miljøkontrollen), Copenhagen, Denmark

Lead person in elaborating carbon emission analysis for the city of Copenhagen (CPH):

       1)   Evaluation of CO2 reductions achieved so far, and;

       2)   Strategies for further CO2 reduction potentials for

             industry, energy producers and households in CPH;

Team member in setting up an exhibition ‘NSEW' at Gl. Torv in Copenhagen (October 2005), and organising supplementary climate activities in the city. For instance three expert conferences on ‘Climate', ‘Traffic' and ‘Energy saving initiatives in households', as well as an Energy Workshop placed at Rådhuspladsen. Co-author of climate-texts used on the parallel exhibition placed at Gl. Torv initiated by the Municipality of Copenhagen.  



Consultant & Fundraiser, Energy Consulting Network, Vanløse, Denmark

  Ms. Rikke Lybaek has taken part in the following projects:

  • 1) Team member in elaborating an FP6 EU application - on Clean Development Mechanism & Joint Implementation - handed in ultimo 2004;
  • 2) Consultant on a report to the Ministry of Energy in Thailand on energy efficiency and co-generation perspectives in Thai businesses (PRET-project);


Researcher, University of Roskilde, Denmark





"Guideline for implementing Co-generation based on Biomass Waste from Thai Industries - through Implementation and Organisation of Industrial Materials Networks" (Ph.D. Thesis)

The Ph.D. thesis seeks to develop new strategies for the use of waste heat by substituting process heat - produced by electricity or by boilers using fossil fuels in individual industries - with process heat produced on a co-generation plant, using the industries' own biomass waste as fuel. On the basis of a case study conducted in the industrial area, Navanakorn Industrial Promotion Zone in Thailand, such initiatives for efficient materials and energy uses between industries have been established and proved successful. Local industries - as well as local and national governmental agencies, NGOs and branch organisations etc. - have shown interest in supporting the implementation of such a scheme.

As part of the thesis, a Guideline for large scale implementation of Industrial Materials Network (inter-industrial co-operation between Thai businesses) has been developed. The guideline provides a step-by-step approach dealing with all relevant issues including: availability of resources, energy demand, choice of appropriate technology and financial aspects etc. The main focus of the guideline is to involve Thai Business leaders in the development of Industrial Materials Networks in order to facilitate its implementation. 


Researcher & Trainee, Centre for Biomass Technology (dK-Teknik, Miljø & Energy), Gladsaxe, Denmark

  4-month trainee period as part of the Ph.D. research.



Student, University of Roskilde, Denmark


"Technological innovative and Market-supporting Strategies for Implementing Small Scale Biogas Plants" (Master Degree Project, 1999)


The project focus on the development of new strategies for implementation of small scale biogas plants in Denmark, to assure that the plants will contribute to the production of GHG (Green House Gas) neutral energy, and thus assist in solving the Danish CO2 problems.

The project concludes that if technologies like small scale biogas plants should be a part of the future energy supply in Denmark, there is a need for changes in the financial support, channelled towards renewable energy technologies. There is also a need for developing a technically highly improved "standard" for small scale biogas plants.

A new ‘market' for small scale biogas plants are identified to be large Danish pig farms, with a high demand for heat (in pig stables), which increases the energy efficiency of biogas plants as the heat are utilised. Alternative strategies for implementing biogas plants in Denmark are thus proposed through a new action plan, including how the identified market can initiate technological innovation and lower the costs of small scale biogas plants. 


Post Bachelor Project


"New planning strategy for Implementing Windmills in the Public sector in Denmark - The concept of Natural Resources as Basis for Windmill Planning" (Post Bachelor Project, 1998)


The project provides an analysis of which barrier there exists for the implementation of privately owned land-based windmills. On the basis of analysis of Danish governmental guidelines for energy implementation (de danske energihandlingsplaner), alternative guidelines are developed and tested. Full-scale stakeholder analysis has further been established.

The project develops an alternative planning strategy for implementation of windmills in Denmark, which origins in a ‘natural-resource-thinking' approach, as opposed to a ‘sector-thinking' approach. Thus, a plan - integrating different interests (the agricultural sector, recreational areas etc.) in the use of spatial areas in Denmark - is outlined.       








Selected Publications:

- Article "Ethics contra science". Published by DJØF Magazine # 2 (1998) in the line of articles named "Sat på spidsen", February 1998;

- Report "New planning strategy for Implementing Windmills in the Public sector in Denmark - The concept of Resources as basis for Windmill Planning". Published by TekSam Forlaget, RUC, 1999. Rapportserien (# 74), February 1999, ISBN: 87-7753-134-5;

- Article "Danish Experiences with Small Scale Decentralised Biogas Plants", Proceedings to 'The 7th Polish-Danish Workshop on Biomass for Energy', page 97-104, Starbienino, Poland the 7. December 2000 to the 10. December 2000. Published by Technical University of Gdansk, Department of sanitary Engineering, Gdansk, December 2000, ISBN 83-909683-7-1;

- Article "Strategies for implementing Co-generation based on Biomass Waste from Thai Industries", Proceedings to the 'International Conference on Environmental Management and Technology - A Clean Environment TowardsSustainable Development', 1.9, the 4. August 2003 to the 6. August 2003, Putrajaya, Malaysia. Published by University of Malay, ISBN 983-2904-00-5;

- Ph.D. thesis "Guideline for implementing Co-generation based on Biomass Waste from Thai Industries - through Implementation and Organisation of Industrial Materials Networks". Printed by TekSam, December 2003. Online publication (2004) at: http://hdl.handle.net/ 1800/1608; 

- Report "Klimakampagnen 2005 - Budskaber og Anbefalinger", Printed by 'Miljøkontrollen' in June 2006 on the background of the Copenhagen Municipality's climate change work in the autumn of 2005, ISBN 87-90947-42-8;  




Participation etc. in Conferences, Workshops, Seminars & Courses: 

- Conference "The 7th Danish-Polish Conference on Biomass for Energy", Starbienino, Poland, 7. December 2000 to 10. December 2000 (Presentation of paper at the Conference);

- Conference "Eco-Industrial Networking: Problems and Possibilities", Cornell University Roundtable discussion at Kalundborg, Denmark, 3. September 2001 to 5. September 2001 (Presentation of paper at the Conference);

- Conference "International Conference on Environmental Management and Technology - A Clean Environment Towards Sustainable Development", Malaysia (Putrajaya), arranged by DUCED, MUCED & TUCED, 4. August 2003 to 6. August 2003 (Presentation of paper at the Conference);

- Course "Cleaner Technology in Thai Industry", Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, University of Mahidol, Thailand (Bangkok), 20. January 2000 to 9. February 2000;

- Course "Communicative Planning", University of Ålborg, Denmark, 21. August 2000 to 23. August 2000;

- Seminar in ‘Renewable energy and developing countries' held at FEU (Forum for Energi og Udvikling) and arranged by INFORCE in Denmark (Seminar days: 30. Marts 2000, 3. April 2000 and 11. April 2000, Copenhagen);

- Conference "1. World Conference and Exhibition on Biomass for Energy and Industry", Sevilla, Spain, 5. June 2000 to 9. June 2000;

- Course "Qualitative methods and Case study's" arranged by Århus Business School and held at Sandbjerg Gods, Denmark, 1. October 2000 to 6. October 2000; 

- Conference "Environmental Science Day" arranged and held at University of Roskilde, Denmark, 9. November 2000;

- Course "Logical Framework Approach" held by DANIDA and arranged by University of Roskilde, Denmark, 2. November 2000;

- Conference "The 9th International Conference of The Greening of Industry Network" (GIN), Thailand (Bangkok), 21. January 2001 to 24. January 2001;

- Hearing "Hearing regarding the Danish Country Programs for Developing Aid to Thailand and Malaysia 2002-2006", arranged by DANCED, Copenhagen, 20. April 2001; 

- Conference "Business-to-Business Conference", Private Sector Program for Thailand, arranged by DANCED, Copenhagen, 25. April 2001;

- Seminar "Industrial Ecology" arranges and held at University of Roskilde (Department of Geography), Denmark, 28. February 2002;

- Workshop "Fremme, Forskning og Udvikling af VE-teknologier under Fremtidens Markedsvilkår", arranged by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Copenhagen, 12. Marts 2003;

- Conference "Energi og Klimapolitik i EU og i Danmark", arranged by Det Økologiske Råd and held at Christiansborg's Landstingsal, Copenhagen, 21. October 2003;

- Conference "Energistrategi 2025", arranged by Ingeniørforeningen i Danmark, IDA, Copenhagen, 21. september 2005;

- Conference "Energisektoren i Danmark", arranged by Danske Energi & Dansk Fjernvarmeforening, SAS Radisson, Copenhagen 3. October 2005;

- Organiser of Confernce "Climate Change Challenge", arranged jointly by the Municipality of Copenhagen (Miljøkontrollen) and the British Embassy, City Hall 11. October 2005;

- Organiser of Conference "Transport: The impact on a city's environment and climate" arranged jointly by the Municipality of Copenhagen (Miljøkontrollen) and the British Embassy, Det Maritime Ungdomshus, Kbh S., 14. October 2005;

- Organiser of Conference "Energy saving initiatives in households" arranged jointly by the Municipality of Copenhagen (Miljøkontrollen) and the British Embassy, Det Maritime Ungdomshus, Kbh S., 25. October 2005;

- Conference "Handel med CO2 kvoter - muligheder og udfordringer", arranged by Ingeniørforeningen i Danmark, IDA, Copenhagen 17. November 2005;

- Workshop "Vidensseminar om energisystemer", arranged by Brændsels- og Energiteknisk Selskab, IDA, Copenhagen 3. april 2006;

- Workshop "Viden og fremtidsværksted for industriproces", arranged by Brændsels- og Energiteknisk Selskab, IDA, Copenhagen 13. June 2006;

- Conference "13th International Greening of Industry Network Conference", arranged by The Greening of Industry Network, City Hall, Cardiff, Wales, 2-5 July 2006;

- Workshop "Olie -og Gas Ressourcer og Udvinding", arranged by Brændsels- og Energiteknisk Selskab, IDA, Copenhagen 4. Oct. 2006;

- Co-organiser of a three-day fieldtrip to Jutland with students from Roskilde University (NatBas), visiting companies in the energy sector, i.e. Grundfos, Lille Thorup (DONG) gas storage/salt horst; Maarstal Biomass based CHP Plant; Energy Star (wave energy). Fieldtrip duration from the 17-19 October 2006;  

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