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Kirsten Mogensen is an associate professor working with public diplomacy and corporporate diplomacy. She is especially interested in communication that can improve collaboration at a transnational level. Winner of the International Place Branding Association's best paper award 2023 and visiting scholar ved  USC Annenberg School 2023. 

She also works as an election observer, primarely for the OSCE and EU, where her assignments are seconded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Previously, she has published extensively about journalistic norms and values, including norms and values related to terrorism coverage (in collaboration with faculty at Louisiana University) and innovation journalism (with Stanford Center for Innovation and Communication).

Occasionally reviewer at different journals, including: Diplomacy & Statecraft, Public Relations Review, International Communication Gazette, International Area Studies Review, Journal of Global Security Studies,  Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market and Complexity,  Nordicum-Mediterraneum,  Observatorio(OBS*),  Journal of Applied Research and Technology, Journal of Media Law & Ethics, AGAHI Awards. 

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  • Management, Organization, Business economy and administration, Management and organization of industry, trade, and communication
  • Public Diplomacy
  • Innovation Journalism
  • Crisis management
  • Communication, Journalism, Media
  • Journalism ethics
  • Journalism Philosofy
  • Public Diplomacy
  • Terrorism coverage
  • Innovation Journalism
  • Industrial development, Development economics and planning, Developing countries