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-      The connection between cultural and historical identities (such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) and economic and social theory

-      Temporality and historical synchronization

-      Exemplarity and contingency

-      Civil Sphere Theory 

-      Critical education, theories and practices of problem-oriented education

The collective research project “Identifying Jews and Jewishness, 1783-1939” (2013-18) funded by the Danish Research Council for the Humanities 

The research group for Global and Transnational History (2013-2022):

Critical Globality, research network co-directed with professor Sune Haugbølle (2018-2021) 

RUC-PPL, research center for problem-oriented project-based learning directed by professor Eva Bendix Petersen, I am vice-director.

In 2017, I received Roskilde University's teaching award. In 2021, I received the national Danish University Teaching Award:


After several years of working and travelling in Israel and the Middle East, I studied Hebrew language, both classical and modern, Jewish culture studies, and modern history at the Carsten Niebuhr Institute for Near Eastern Studies, University of Copenhagen. I studied for the Ph.D. at the Department for Cross-cultural and Regional Studies (TORS) also at University of Copenhagen. Since my time as a doctoral student, I have enjoyed studying and working at Haifa University in Israel, Humboldt in Berlin, Copenhagen Business School, University of Southern Denmark, and now Roskilde University. 

From more traditional philological and historical studies, I became increasingly interested in theories of history, culture, temporality, and the Humanities in general from a conceptual history and pragmatist perspective focusing on questions of the trajectories, or “careers”, of concepts, ideas or problems. In my empirical research, I continuously draw on my strong interest in Jewish history, Zionism and antisemitism.

Parallel and sometimes converging with my main research, I have since my first stay in Haifa, where I met Ilan Gur-Ze’ev and his critical education network, had a lively interest in critical education and educational philosophy. I am particularly interested in the American pragmatist tradition and in critical theory (Frankfurt School), and I enjoy throwing myself into educational experiments as much as I think it is essential to criticize instrumentalization, reforms, and job-market orientation.

Born 1972

2001: MA in Hebrew, Jewish Culture Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies

2005: Ph.D. (supervisor professor Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen)

2006: Assistant professor University of Southern Denmark

2009: Associate professor Roskilde University

2017: Professor with special responsibilities Roskilde University

2019: Professor of Global History, Roskilde University


  • History, Society
  • Philosophy, History of ideas, Religion. Theology
  • Cultural encounters, Multi-culturalism
  • Theory of science, History and sociology of science, knowledge and technology, Research policy
  • Education, Learning, Training

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