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Analytically, my research is interested in the role of ideas and actors in shaping policy development. Overall, I want to understand how ideas and actors influence policy development, especially in terms of policy change, paradigm shifts and policy stability. Often my research incorporates temporal dimensions to understand policy development both in terms of how past decisions explain policy developments today and to what extent decisions today enable policymakers to meet future policy objectives. 

Empirical the overarching theme in my research is sustainable transitions mainly seen as energy transition and sustainable transport policies, where I’m interested in how new ideas emerge and influence policy development, especially to what extent these new ideas are able to challenge existing dominating ideas and thereby create policy change. This theme can be divided into three research streams which are all concerned about understanding the transition to a low carbon society and economy.

  • sustainability transition – energy and climate policies

This research is concerned about how policymakers both at national and EU level respond to the climate crises and more recently energy crises. Here I interested in the challenges facing Danish energy transition in responses to these crises. Moreover, I’m interested in the implementation of the European Green Deal and its ability to establish policy change, as well as the role of the Commission in creating a sustainability transition both at home and abroad.

  • sustainability and decarbonization – transport politics & policy

This research stream is informed by research questions about the relationship between free movements, transport liberalisation and sustainability, all central ideas in transport policy at all levels especially in terms of how the transport sector is going to meet its climate obligations. Specifically, my research in transport policy analyses how policies like transport liberalisation contain strongly embedded ideas of free movement, which are challenged by ideas of sustainable mobility that aim to change the modal shift away from car dominance.

  • Flying less and taking the train – aviation and railway policies

Flying less is a nodal point in this research stream, where I’m interested in how the idea of flying less is affecting aviation and railway policy developments.

For the aviation sector this entails addressing demands that it must start to pay for its emissions for example through environmental taxes and emission trading schemes. Thus, my research on aviation policy examines how the sector and policymakers are resisting policy change towards sustainable aviation policies.

The railways are facing increased consumer demand for more night trains and international rail services as more people do not want to fly. Here my research on EU railway policy development helps explain how the railway sector and policymakers prefer stability over change, just as the research helps explain the big technical and administrative barriers which prevent change and developing the international railway services. 


I am currently the head of studies for the bachelor programmes in social sciences. There are two programmes, the Danish programme called SAB and the English programme called SIB. They are collectively known as Sambach. As head of studies, I work towards strengthening the quality of teaching and the student environment, this entails working with the different teaching groups, other head of studies and with the students. Together, I believe we can create a good and inspiring learning environment for all Sambach students.

I currently do not teach, but I have previously taught on the following programmes: the International BA programme in Social Science (SIB), BA specialisation in International Studies and our graduate programme International Public Administration and Politics (IPAP) as well as the Danish programmes in politics and public administration (politik og forvaltning).


  • Public administration
  • EU Governance
  • New Institutionalism,
  • Transport Policy
  • Green transition
  • transport and environment
  • Renewable energy

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